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Golf simulators topic. The new business model proposal

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This is the subject of us 'GPRO'

We make the best use of IT solution, design, planning multi-languages support, overseas marketing, which means, we are aiming of "Zero Distance” within business.

The relationships between Web, IT solution and business are not alone anymore. It is a big subject to organic combine between them

Based on our expertise, we can provide customers proposal by stepping into customer's management and business strategy. Not only fulfilling the desire of customers, we also indentify and point out the problems and possible improvements that customers cannot realize by themselves. Moreover, we provide our customers with professional in the best service, best suitable support and best satisfaction.

  • General Construction Equipment
  • Electrical Equipments Specialist
  • Housing Specialist Shop
  • Korean Real Estate
  • DVD Rental
  • Simulation Golf
We provide WEB page creating service.